Come Together: Lawyers Help With Family Visas

Immigrating into the UK can be a hectic affair for a lone applicant; now imagine, having to bring an entire family over. This is what immigration seems to be about, though, according to Migration Advisory Committee’s (MAC) November 2011 findings, with family migration accounting for 18% of all non-EU immigration into the country. The problem is it can be difficult to meet all the requirements for family visas to be approved.

This is why you’ll want to hire an immigration lawyer to help guide and advise you through the country’s complex immigration laws regarding family visas. Here are a couple of requirements your lawyer would have you satisfy to help you file your application.

  • Financial requirements. This is your main stumbling block. The new process requires that you meet a minimum annual gross income threshold of £18,600 before you can bring in a foreign spouse and children. The amount increases if your children are from a non-EU country to £22,400 for the first, with an additional £2,400. Your lawyer can suggest ways to meet the amount, such as through assets like savings or properties in the spouse’s name.

  • Language and Culture requirements. Your family will also need to pass an intermediate level English test and a “life in the UK” test. Lawyers can suggest ways for your family to pass these tests with English reviews and citizenship classes.

Immigration law can be a confusing mess of requirements and limitations, but with the help of the right lawyer, you can bring your family home to live with you.


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