Signs That You Are Domestically Abused

One sad thing about marriages is that sometimes, they end. In the worst case, a union implodes because of domestic abuse. You might be a victim of domestic violence without you even knowing it. Here are the signs of abuse that can happen in any relationship, and determine if you need to seek the advice of family solicitors.

  • Physical Abuse: This is the most common indicator of domestic violence. When your spouse is deliberately hurting you with punching, kicking, choking, burning, and other acts of physical violence, it is a clear sign that your marriage is not working anymore.

  • Emotional Abuse: One can be abused not only through physical means; even words can hurt just as much. Verbal insults, controlling and obsessive behavior, and other means of emotional manipulation are classified as abuse.

  • Complete Isolation: When your spouse keeps telling you to stop going out with anyone and will go as far as to not give you financial support, this can mean that your spouse is isolating you from the world.

  • Homicidal Tendencies: This can include threatening to hurt or kill you or any of your loved ones when you don’t follow his or her orders. Abusers use fear to control their victims and keep the latter under their whims.

Domestic abuse is a very serious issue and should be reported immediately to the proper authorities. It is recommended to approach family solicitors to represent you and your rights in court.


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