London Family Solicitors: Guiding Individuals and Divorcing Couples

Not all relationships work out and Divorce can be messy and painful. We offer professional advice which at PSP believe has the merit of being realistic, reasonably priced and delivered with a human touch.
Filing for a Divorce in London
For couples in the United Kingdom, you may only divorce if (1) your marriage is legally recognised in the country, (2) you have been married for a minimum of a year, and (3) you have a permanent residence in England or Wales. From here, a divorcing couple will then have to go through three main divorce steps; filing a divorce petition, applying for a decree nisi, and applying for a decree absolute.


London Immigration Solicitors Help Migrant Workers Stay in the U.K.

The United Kingdom is one of the preferred places for immigrants to come the world over; the economy and the environment is attractive to many seeking a better life. However, immigration laws are tightening and London immigration solicitors like Powell Spencer & Partners will probably be needed if you’ll want to immigrate and stay in this nation.

A good example of this is the recent case of Dr. Miwa Hirono. Having immigrated to the U.K. seven years ago, she worked as a lecturer in Nottingham, contributing greatly to the country with her expert work on international relations and foreign policy. Unfortunately, her job required her to be out of the country for a total of 472 days during the period of 2009 and 2010, coming in conflict with current immigration laws, which state that immigrants can’t leave the country for more than 180 days. Said law was implemented in 2012, but was retroactively applied to Dr. Hirono’s case, giving her cause for an appeal.

Parental Child Abduction

Just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean you can separate your child from your spouse whenever, wherever, and for whatever reason. Families, divorcing or not, are bound by law. Taking a child away from his home without the consent of those with parental responsibility or the court constitutes parental child abduction.

In just under a decade, parental child abduction cases have increased by 88%, reports the Foreign Office. The increasing number of cross-cultural marriages, soaring divorce rates, more lenient immigration law and the falling cost of international travel have all been causes for the increasing numbers of international child custody cases, some of which have led to parental abduction. Continue reading

How Lawyers Can Help in Tricky immigration Issues

When you hear some stories of immigrants in London, it’s easy to become intimidated. There are some people that get taken to immigrant detention centres, stripped of their British citizenship, or deported to their native country (even if they have not lived there for decades). There are also some people studying or working in the U.K. who have violated the stipulations of their visa and are facing difficulties in getting a British passport or a new visa.

Usually, these scenarios happen when you don’t have enough proper documents to prove your legal right to live, study, or work in the country. You may also experience problems that, unfortunately, gives rise to run-ins with immigration laws such as a relative abroad who got sick and required you to be away from London for too long. These and other stories are truly daunting, and similar events can happen to any immigrant who may have issues with their citizenship. Continue reading

London Divorce Solicitors: End Home Violence Before It Ruins Your Kid

In a perfect world, children are raised by loving parents who serve as good role models. In reality, however, not all possess a picture of a happy family they can be proud of.

When domestic violence reigns the household, the family’s life is ruled with dysfunction, which is detrimental not only to the couple, but to the children as well. This is why inasmuch as divorce is not an ideal route to take, it sometimes becomes the most practical solution to a failing marriage. For this, consulting London divorce solicitors can be the best way for the concerned parent to take out the child from such a volatile environment, especially if it involves an abusive home.

London Immigration Solicitors Explain Effects of Overstaying in U.K.

London immigration solicitors explain that overstaying is considered a criminal offence and therefore denies the person the right to legally work or be self-employed in the country. In fact, even the employer of an overstaying immigrant will not be afforded any defence against the sanction for illegal work, and can be fined up to £10,000 or higher.

To avoid further problems, the concerned party will have to send the Home Office an application within 28 days of their visa expiring so that they will not be regarded as overstaying, subject to the Home Office’s decision. Beyond that is mandatory refusal.

Reinventing Legal Aid

The latter is particularly important in London where house prices and rents have increased beyond a level which is affordable to ‘ordinary’ workers who do not have the advantage of inherited wealth. London is also particularly challenging as economics of scale of volume are offset by the vast amounts of travel and waiting involved in negotiating the huge unplanned criminal justice space which stretches from Harrow to Dagenham and Wood Green to Croydon as well as reaching out to Luton, Hatfield, Crawley and Heathrow.

Whatever its faults and shortcomings what has happened to legal aid in the 21st century has been a tragedy. Civil and crime have been cleaved apart, millions have been taken out of scope and the rates of pay are now below any economic level for ordinary work. This proposal attempts to address these issues.