How Lawyers Can Help in Tricky immigration Issues

When you hear some stories of immigrants in London, it’s easy to become intimidated. There are some people that get taken to immigrant detention centres, stripped of their British citizenship, or deported to their native country (even if they have not lived there for decades). There are also some people studying or working in the U.K. who have violated the stipulations of their visa and are facing difficulties in getting a British passport or a new visa.

Usually, these scenarios happen when you don’t have enough proper documents to prove your legal right to live, study, or work in the country. You may also experience problems that, unfortunately, gives rise to run-ins with immigration laws such as a relative abroad who got sick and required you to be away from London for too long. These and other stories are truly daunting, and similar events can happen to any immigrant who may have issues with their citizenship. Continue reading


Here’s Why You Should Move to London Right Now

Lots of people are choosing London as their new home, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s certainly one of the most picturesque cities in world, and also one of the best to live in. Here’s why you should join the movement:

An extremely vibrant music scene– No matter where you find yourself in London-town, there’s a great chance that you’ll catch a concert or a gig. London itself is home to over 300 venues staging an average of 17,000 performances a year, which will surely treat even the most discriminating of musical tastes. Continue reading

Dealing with an Immigrant Deportation Decision

In recent times, the immigration rules of the U.K. have become more stringent, demanding more requirements from migrants that wish to stay in the country. Those found to be lacking the necessary documents and proofs can be deported back to their countries of origin by the government. While such decisions can be painful to resolve, those immigrants affected by the ruling still have a fighting chance, if they know how to properly approach their dilemma. Continue reading

What to Know About the New UK Immigration Law

More UK migrants, most of them living here since they were kids, are at risk of losing their homes and jobs or even being deported because of the stricter immigration laws implemented this year. Some of them are at risk of deportation for having lost their passport, along with their indefinite leave to remain (ILR) stamp.

According to the 2014 Immigration Act, the government will implement stricter measures on immigrants while weeding out “harmful individuals”. These measures include bearing down on applicants trying to gain an immigration advantage by entering into sham marriages and requiring private landlords to check the immigration status of their tenants to guarantee that those without legal right to live in the UK will have no access to private rental housing. Continue reading

Come Together: Lawyers Help With Family Visas

Immigrating into the UK can be a hectic affair for a lone applicant; now imagine, having to bring an entire family over. This is what immigration seems to be about, though, according to Migration Advisory Committee’s (MAC) November 2011 findings, with family migration accounting for 18% of all non-EU immigration into the country. The problem is it can be difficult to meet all the requirements for family visas to be approved.

This is why you’ll want to hire an immigration lawyer to help guide and advise you through the country’s complex immigration laws regarding family visas. Here are a couple of requirements your lawyer would have you satisfy to help you file your application. Continue reading

Naturalisation: How to Prepare for It

Naturalisation is the most common and direct path people take to gain British citizenship. Although the process is lengthy, it gives applicants the chance to assess their priorities and measure how dedicated they are to becoming a part of the United Kingdom. This complex route to citizenship will involve certain requirements like residency periods and strict compliance with British immigration laws before one can be qualified for naturalization. Continue reading