Parental Child Abduction

Just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean you can separate your child from your spouse whenever, wherever, and for whatever reason. Families, divorcing or not, are bound by law. Taking a child away from his home without the consent of those with parental responsibility or the court constitutes parental child abduction.

In just under a decade, parental child abduction cases have increased by 88%, reports the Foreign Office. The increasing number of cross-cultural marriages, soaring divorce rates, more lenient immigration law and the falling cost of international travel have all been causes for the increasing numbers of international child custody cases, some of which have led to parental abduction. Continue reading


How to Handle Money Matters during a Divorce

When a married couple decides to call it quits, more often than not, a game of “who gets what” is played. Usually, soon-to-be ex-spouses tend to have an arrangement done wherein their finances and most of what they own would be split up right down the middle. There are times, however, when one or both parties feel that they are entitled to a bigger piece of the fiscal pie, especially if the amount or properties in question are substantial. Continue reading

Check the Fine Print before You Say I Do!

Prenups have become very popular in recent years, particularly since the landmark case of Radmacher v Granatino (2009) which saw the Courts give significant weight to such Agreements. Whilst strictly speaking they are not legally enforceable, the courts are more likely to uphold them.

If you want to protect your personal property, financial investments, items with sentimental value that go far beyond their worth in cash, such as family heirlooms, you should consider a prenup. You do not really want to start a family not knowing what the marriage entails. Having a prenuptial agreement will not only provide a degree of certainty but it will make sure that your marital relationship starts with all communication lines open and help reduce conflict and save money if you divorce. Continue reading

What Your Divorce Lawyer Should Be Doing for You

Divorce is a long and arduous legal process that can truly test your patience. If you and your spouse have come to an agreement to separate, an adept solicitor should be able to help smoothen and hasten the process on your behalf.

There are several things that a solicitor can do for you. Before anything else, he or she should listen to what you want to happen. For example, do you want to split your assets down the middle, or do you want sole possession of all or several of your accounts? Once you’ve delineated such information, then your solicitor can come up with the proper game plan. Continue reading

This is Yours, They Are Mine

Sometimes, married couples may be forced to admit that it will be better to part ways than waste time trying to make things work. When they agree to draw up the divorce papers, both sides are left to determine what assets to keep. Property divisions can be quite a drag if not handled expertly, thus couples often require the assistance of family solicitors from London to level the playing field. Continue reading

Signs That You Are Domestically Abused

One sad thing about marriages is that sometimes, they end. In the worst case, a union implodes because of domestic abuse. You might be a victim of domestic violence without you even knowing it. Here are the signs of abuse that can happen in any relationship, and determine if you need to seek the advice of family solicitors. Continue reading