London Divorce Solicitors: End Home Violence Before It Ruins Your Kid

In a perfect world, children are raised by loving parents who serve as good role models. In reality, however, not all possess a picture of a happy family they can be proud of.

When domestic violence reigns the household, the family’s life is ruled with dysfunction, which is detrimental not only to the couple, but to the children as well. This is why inasmuch as divorce is not an ideal route to take, it sometimes becomes the most practical solution to a failing marriage. For this, consulting London divorce solicitors can be the best way for the concerned parent to take out the child from such a volatile environment, especially if it involves an abusive home.


Divorce Solicitors in London Offer Tips in Handling One’s Divorce

As with matters concerning the law, going through a divorce would have you looking for experienced divorce solicitors in London who can help you with legal matters concerning the division of shared property and other assets. Firms specifically practicing in the area of family law are certainly well-versed with all such legal enquires you might have, and can duly assist in helping you understand and formulate a strategy from your case. These solicitors can advise whether the plan you intend to pursue is a sound one, or suggest other options to ensure that you won’t be swivelled out of your finances.

London Divorce Solicitors Provide Tips for Avoiding a Messy Divorce

Nannies are hired to care for children, but in the course of their duties, they also gain intimate insights into the married lives of their employers. Such was the case for Carmen Michalska, who got a “ringside view” of the costly divorce of billionaire couple Elena Ambrosiadou and Martin Coward. An article from shared her experience of serving as nanny to the power couple’s only child during the tumultuous proceedings.

That last part was indeed the biggest sticking point in the divorce case, which was concluded only last September after eight years of litigation and £19 million in legal costs. Of course, all divorces are unpleasant, but they don’t have to play out like a siege, as what happened in Ambrosiadou and Coward’s split.