Dealing with an Immigrant Deportation Decision

In recent times, the immigration rules of the U.K. have become more stringent, demanding more requirements from migrants that wish to stay in the country. Those found to be lacking the necessary documents and proofs can be deported back to their countries of origin by the government. While such decisions can be painful to resolve, those immigrants affected by the ruling still have a fighting chance, if they know how to properly approach their dilemma.

An immigrant whom the government has ruled a deportation decision over can still appeal for reconsideration. Through an application to the Special Immigration Appeals Commission, an immigrant can appeal to have the verdict set aside. The Commission then holds a procedure similar to a judicial review wherein the immigrant’s case and circumstances are studied and reconsidered.

Once the Special Immigration Appeals Commission agrees to review an immigrant’s case, the migrant can improve his or her chances with the appeal by working with a solicitor. Solicitors can impart invaluable advice regarding the procedures, and can help clients better understand the procedures in court. More importantly, solicitors can discuss with their clients the best strategy to prove to the Commission that the deportation decision is not necessary.


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