What Your Divorce Lawyer Should Be Doing for You

Divorce is a long and arduous legal process that can truly test your patience. If you and your spouse have come to an agreement to separate, an adept solicitor should be able to help smoothen and hasten the process on your behalf.

There are several things that a solicitor can do for you. Before anything else, he or she should listen to what you want to happen. For example, do you want to split your assets down the middle, or do you want sole possession of all or several of your accounts? Once you’ve delineated such information, then your solicitor can come up with the proper game plan.

The divorce process typically involves negotiations between both parties. Your solicitor, as well as that of your spouse’s can help you collate information about the assets that may be up for division. The legal professionals can also determine the value of any joint accounts, businesses, and ventures that you and your former spouse might have established during your marriage. They should also be alert when the opposing solicitors have an offer for a settlement, and dutifully relay such information to you.

Should the case go to trial, your solicitor should also brief you about what to expect during the proceedings. Preparation is everything, and a good solicitor is one that goes into a trial determined to steer it towards your preferred outcome.


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