What to Know About the New UK Immigration Law

More UK migrants, most of them living here since they were kids, are at risk of losing their homes and jobs or even being deported because of the stricter immigration laws implemented this year. Some of them are at risk of deportation for having lost their passport, along with their indefinite leave to remain (ILR) stamp.

According to the 2014 Immigration Act, the government will implement stricter measures on immigrants while weeding out “harmful individuals”. These measures include bearing down on applicants trying to gain an immigration advantage by entering into sham marriages and requiring private landlords to check the immigration status of their tenants to guarantee that those without legal right to live in the UK will have no access to private rental housing.

Furthermore, under the new law, temporary migrants are required to contribute to the National Health Service. Illegal migrants will also be prevented from acquiring driver’s licenses and bank accounts. We currently act for a ‘migrant’ who is battling a decision to refuse leave to remain as a consequence of which their driving licence has been revoked despite being clean and acquired by properly passing a test while ‘legally’ in the UK. We are appealing the driving licence revocation decision. If you are in a similar situation and need advice and representation contact Powell Spencer & Partners.

Currently, debates rage on over the Immigration Act’s effectiveness, with some asserting that migrants working in the UK have actually been contributing to the country’s economic growth. Nevertheless, as long as the law is in effect, you as a migrant in the UK, might want to consult with an immigration lawyer about your rights and your standing under the new immigration law to avoid possible legal conflicts.


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