This is Yours, They Are Mine

Sometimes, married couples may be forced to admit that it will be better to part ways than waste time trying to make things work. When they agree to draw up the divorce papers, both sides are left to determine what assets to keep. Property divisions can be quite a drag if not handled expertly, thus couples often require the assistance of family solicitors from London to level the playing field.

Take Stock

A competent solicitor recommends drafting up a long list of assets, especially if many were acquired over the course of the marriage. This includes your residential properties, investments, sources of income, mortgage repayments, and even your pensions, among others. Creating the list also helps identify whether each asset was acquired either in your name, the spouse’s, or as a joint purchase. Stay calm and diplomatic even in the presence of both your solicitors.

The Kids

Prepare for custodial disputes if your union was blessed with children. Even if one side was granted full custody of the children, both sides must communicate on Parental Responsibility issues, such as the children’s education and welfare. Social activities, including family gatherings, also need to be fine-tuned and drawn out.

Calling it a day may be tough on both partners, and splitting their estate is just one of the hurdles to overcome. On the bright side, you and your partner can move on in life, along with whatever you’ve fairly secured in the divorce.


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